Sunday, March 27, 2011

Keep on Livin'

I wish there were a way to properly explain how much joy this video gives me.

Le Tigre Karaoke - Keep on Livin' - Unskinny Bop

I love watching it and pretending I'm in a big, queer dance party. Even after 5+ years of YouTube, it amazes me how people you don't even know can touch your heart, can get you through when you're feeling down. I suppose I feel that way about the internets in general.

And I was reminded of the above because of this video, one of the most touching "It Gets Better" videos I've watched, by JD Samson (formerly of Le Tigre), simply and meaningfully reading the lyrics to Keep on Livin.

We are touching each other across the world. And for all the cries about how the internet isolates us, our connections matter and they are real.

I imagine the people who may have watched these videos, and hope that they did keep on livin. And I hope you do too.


  1. Fantastic vids! Love JD! His group "Men" opening for The Gossip when I saw them, gosh, almost two years ago. Amazing though!

  2. Didn't catch this when I first read your comment, and then it came to me later swirling in the ether of my brain....and then I forgot to come back and let you know that JD is a woman! Genderfucking!