Friday, March 18, 2011

I Suggest You Do Some Clicking /or/ Sleep for Me, Reading for You

Read this Psychology Today post "The Demon Fat and Why We All Need to Make Peace with It" by the fabulous Harriet Brown. Harriet, as always, does an excellent job of cutting to the core and illustrating the fucked up relationships we have with food and how they are connected to eating disorders. (Speaking of which, have you checked out Harriet's Project Body Talk lately? Cuz, well, you should!!!!)

Also, if you haven't put resilient fat warrior Pattie Thomas' Psychology Today column, I Take Up Space, on your feed...I suggest you do some clicking. Pattie has come faced some hate-filled personal attacks there, and I'm sure she'll continue to need our support.

Finally, whether or not you've heard of the story of Casey Heynes, who was bullied and fought back (on video tape), you should check out Nicholosophy's post about his personal experience of bullying and its effects on Samantha Thomas' blog Discourse, and both of Paul Campos' posts (here and here) related to the story, where Paul breaks it on down (as usual), building on his argument from this lecture. After that, or you know, at any time you please, also read Brian's badass takedown of an apparently idiotic takedown (I refuse to read or link, for my own sanity) of Paul Campos' argument on Red No. 3.

And now, sleep for me. I mean, "I'm going to sleep." Not, "Dear readers of my blog, please sleep for me." Get the rest you require, but to my knowledge it's not transferable.

Aaaaaaaand I think this meta-conversation I'm having with myself demonstrates exactly why sleep is an important goal of mine at this point in time.

So. Yes.
Sleep. For me. Reading. For. You.

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