Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bliss, Obsession, and Over-achievement

I just finished my letter-turned-4pg-newsletter to my friend's niece, who is bullied for her weight. I have worked on it for two weeks now, but it's pretty awesome. And I think it shows how far I've come, personally, that I state in the newsletter that I am awesome. I may still cringe at self-promotion, but I can say I'm awesome and not be ashamed.

I wish I could write a newsletter like this to every fat kid. I wish it were my job to do that

Edited to Add: Since a lot of people seemed excited about the idea of a newsletter for kids and a friend requested that I post, I have depersonalized the newsletter and post it for anyone who knows a kid (or adult) who would benefit.

Listen Here! A Body Image Newsletter for Kids and Teens

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