Saturday, March 12, 2011

Another Resource for Kids: The Body Positive

Hey new readers! Thanks for coming by. A lot of people have read my newsletter, which is both exciting and kind of scary, cuz their was some personal stuff in there! But I'm very glad if my newsletter can touch anyone out there, kids or adults.

As a follow up, I thought I would direct you to the trailer for a film called Body Talk for Teens, which the wonderful Kelly Bliss alerted me to today. It is produced by The Body Positive:

The Body Positive's mission is to implement educational programs that transform individual and societal beliefs about weight, body image, and identity. The result is a growing national movement of healthy, confident individuals contributing to positive change in the world.

I feel like I've been to their website before, but obviously I didn't really know what they do/have been up to because I would have included their resources in my newsletter. Sad that their site didn't come up when I was Googling "body image and girls."

Apparently the film was created by teens themselves. That makes it even cooler.

In addition to the film, The Body Positive offers training for mental health providers, a curriculum for kids in grades K-3, kids in grades 4-6, and apparently kids in grades 7-12 too, but they don't seem to have it for sale. They even have their own newsletter.

Their blog is going on my list of things to read regularly, even though they don't seem to post very often. All of the videos on their YouTube channel are great, as well.

I find this organization and the women who created it so inspiring, especially right now when I feel like writing that newsletter reinvigorated my desire to change the world and make it a better place. Honestly, I wonder if they'd hire an overeducated fat girl like me. I told Notblueatall that there was no way chance fat people could go into schools and speak to kids about loving their bodies. This organization makes me think I might have been wrong.

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  1. Oh! Love this! I'd been on their website, too, but hadn't watched this vid! Too cool! Man, wish I'd seen that when I was in HS. Thanks!