Monday, January 2, 2012

Fat off the Top--Linksisode

I know it may seem like a blogging cop-out, but I'm a fan of links. In fact, I often call myself an obsessive disseminator of information. If someone paid me to offer up great links, I would be living quite comfortably.

I love giving people new information...especially on stuff I love, so here goes...fat awesomeness, off the top of my head:

First, my friend NotBlueAtAll has been working hard on organizing A Fatty Affair, a fantastic (and free!) fat and body positive event in the Bay Area, which will be setting it off later this month with a clothing swap and special guests Marilyn Wann, Phat Fly Girls, Raks Africa Dance Troupe, and Virgie Tovar.

Second, the fab Golda Poretsky is taking reservations for the 2nd Annual Body Love Revolutionaries Telesummit. Last year's telesummit was excellent and this year's is even more action-packed with EIGHT difference conference calls on various fat topics. Golda even records the calls and posts them for 24 hours, so you can listen if the time is not good for you. Check it out!

Since it's January and that means enactment of the annual "resolutions" rituals...many of which tend to be weight loss resolutions, Pattie Thomas is encouraging folks to participate in the (also 2nd Annual) New Year's ReVolutions Project, which encourages people to forgo weight loss resolutions and dieting in favor of a focus on revolutionizing your relationship with your body. They list several 'action items' as ways you can participate.*

Tonight, Charlotte Cooper posted a film she made called Lovely and Slim, which made me squeal! Lovely and Slim is "based on a song that came about when [she] really tried hard to think of the benefits of being thin..." Lyrics included. Charlotte's activism is always so fun. I aspire! (can't link to the video for some reason, so click the link!)

Finally, Bobbi (what a fantastic name!) and Austin have started a new webcast about non-normative bodies called Trans*Fat Chat. I am impatiently waiting for more episodes!

If you have any great links, disseminate in the comments!

*I'm quite happy to say that one of the suggested icons is my very own! I made the Revolt image a few years ago and loved it, but it languished on my Facebook page until last year. It features my lovely square teeth and rosy cheeks. You're welcome.

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